Mondolfo Ferro MT4000 up/C – 3D Diagnostic Balancer with Laser

Mondolfo Ferro MT-4000 up/C-3D is everything you need in a Diagnostic Balancer, combined in one easy to use package. Fast and accurate mounting, non-touch automatic parameter entry, laser weight placement, laser Tire/Wheel runout measurement and advanced weight placement software for any configuration wheel with or without spokes.

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  • Our most accurate and most sophisticated Wheel Balancer with accuracy to 1 gram.
  • Integrated laser runout analysis for both Lateral and Radial wheel measurement.
  • Touchless wheel parameter entry, simply mount the wheel and lower the hood, the MT-4000 up/C – 3D does everything else.
  • Electro-mechanical wheel clamping offers fastest mount/demount time as well as insuring proper mounting pressure.
  • Three parameters automatic entry including laser DOT and Led
  • Advanced software for virtually any wheel
    • Hidden Weight Spoke program, places all weights behind the spokes
    • Tire Set notifies technician of the optimal position for the tire/wheel assembly on the car for best ride
    • Match Mount minimizes amount of weight required, provides the best tire/wheel fit
    • Multiple Operator mode so several technicians can use the balancer at the same time.
  • Laser weight placement, balancer automatically spots weight location for tricky tape weight applications
  • RPA Auto Positioning, balancer automatically motors to correct weight location, stops and holds the wheel for fastest and most accurate balancing on every wheel.
  • LCD Touch Screen