Mondolfo Ferro MT3650 up (2 models)

Mondolfo Ferro:
MT3650 up-2D
MT3650 up-3D

MT3650 up includes side cabinet mounted laser accurately spots weight placement location for precision balancing every time. Advanced RPA correction location and lock system. Two parameter automatic date Entry (MT3650 up-2D) or three parameter automatic data entry (MT3650 up-3D). Side cabinet mounted white LED’s illuminate the inside of the wheel. “RPT” program portions wheel at top for easy first weight mounting. Multiple advanced ALU programs. Spoke program allows for easy weight placement. Large cabinet features 26 weight storage compartments, raised display LCD data panel, integrated weight anvil and side cabinet adapter storage. Industrial 40mm shaft, quick release wing nut and captured back spring for years of fast maintenance free balancing. Built for Mondolfo Ferro’s by its parent company Nexion Italy.

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