Mondolfo Ferro AS-914HP High Performance

Mondolfo Ferro AS-914 Tire Changer (3 models)

AS-914 Semi Automatic style swing arm tire changer.

AS-914 HP1 Includes SX1 Bead Press Arm

AS-914 HP3 Includes 3 Functions assist arm with roller and press arm

Expanded range swing arm handles 15″ rim width and 45″ OD tires. Side mounted bead breaker with scratch resistant blade cover. Inside wheel clamping 26″, outside clamping 24:, expandable to 28″ with optional adapters. Standard water separator and Oiler assembly. Air surge tank built in column saves floor space for compact installs. Mondolfo Ferro built in Italy, get durability and design.


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  • Adding the SX1 pneumatic bead press arm assist creates the “SX1” model with increase operator assistance
  • Adding the versatile RPX pneumatic bead assist to the left side of the AS-914 creates the ‘HP3’ models offering the ultimate Economy High Performance tire changer.
  • Controlled pneumatically from a top mounted ‘Joy stick’ control panel the HP models provide tremendous versatility in manipulating difficult tires.
  • The RPX bead assist features a multi-pivot point arm for depressing the bead and holding it in the drop center during remount.
  • Multi-pivit point arm is also equipped with a large roller useful in rolling difficult beads back on during remount.
  • Bottom ‘lift roller’ aids in holding the tire up while securing the lower bead during dismount.
  • RPX pneumatic bead assist is offered as standard on all HP models or may be added to existing AS-914 models already in service.


  • AS-914 standard High Performance
  • AS-944LL high volume tilt tower HP
  • S-112HP1 economy High Performance