Challenger CLHM-135 Mobile HD – Mobile Column Lifts

Our Heavy-Duty mobile lifting system along with optional sets of accessory support stands will accommodate multiple bays with one lift system. Robust yet easily maneuverable mobile columns can be operated on almost any solid surface, in-doors or out.

Challenger mobile lifts provide the flexibility and convenience to lift any rubber tired vehicle, from small passenger cars to the largest two, three or four axle vehicles from 27,000 lbs. to 108,000 lbs. without taking up an entire bay. Our Heavy-Duty mobile lifts are also capable of lifting vehicles of any axle length or wheelbase.

CLHM-135 Mobile column lifts offer 13,500 lb. lifting capacity per column, wireless, battery, and hydraulic operation with adjustable carriages.

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To learn more about Challenger Lifts mobile lift options, take a look at the details of the innovative CLHM-135 mobile car lift systems. The professionals at Challenger Lifts have compiled this data for your convenience.


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Lift Capacity Per Column1

13,500 lbs (6124kg)
A Height of Lift Unit
88-1/2″ (2248mm)
B Height of Lift Unit at Full Rise

157-1/8″ (3991mm)

C Width of Lift Unit

44-1/4″ (1124mm)

D Length of Lift Unit

53-5/8″ (1362mm)

E Maximum Lift Height (4) or more units)

69″ (1753mm)

Maximum Lift Height (2 units – Normal Mode)

32″ (813mm)

F Min-Max Wheel Diameter
5″ – 24-1/2″ (127mm – 622mm)
Max. Hydraulic System Operating Pressure
2,180 psi
Lift Speed (Max Load)
60″ (1524mm) per Min.
Weight of Lift Unit
1,485 lbs (674kg)
Footprint of Lift Unit
425″2 (10795mm2)
Gound Pressure for each Lift (Max. Load)
35.3.1 psi
Turning Radius of Lift Unit
47″ (1194mm)
Operating Peak Power
4 hp
Operating Voltage
24 VDC Nominal
Charger Voltage Required

120 VAC @ 60 Hz

Charger Amps Required
2.5 Amps

*CLHM-135 Wireless/Battery Operated Mobile Columns available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 column configurations with 13,500 lb. per column capacity.
1 Multiply number of columns by “Lifting Capacity Per Column” to calculate overall lifting capacity of configuration


Mobile Lift Accessories: Part # CLHM-THR

Designed to go hand-in-hand with the CLHM series mobile lift, the CLHM-THR hi-rise support stand offers up to 18,000 lb. capacity each. For increased productivity in your shop, enjoy the adjustable height of 46 ¾” to up to 84”. When you consider optional accessories for the CLHM series, use the CLHM-THR to supplement your mobile lift today.


Part # CLHM-10-THF

Medium Support Stand 20,000 lb. capacity each, adj. height of 30″ – 52″, 1″ adjustment increments (1 pair)


Part # CLHM-10-THF

Short Support Stand 20,000 lb. capacity each, adj. height of 20″ – 32″, 1″ adjustment increments (1 pair)



Light Kit (pair) Illuminate work areas under the vehicle. Plugs into sockets located on columns. 2 lights per kit (order 1 per column)


Part # CLHM-CB-32A

Cross Beam Adapter 32,000 lb. capacity, used to lift by frame rails


Part # CLHM-ELA-90A

End Lift Adapter 9,000 lb. capacity (per column) used to support vehicle from front and back. Designed specifically for Humvee lifting.



Fork Lift Adapter 15,000 lb. capacity used to raise fork lift 64″


Part # CLHM-HTCJ-2000

Transmission Jack 2,200 lb. capacity, 30″ start height, max. height of 72″, 360° rotating head with fore and aft tilt, 1st stage power: 100% air, 2nd stage power: air/hydraulic for precise control


Part # CLHM-HR-300

Clutch Jack Air/hydraulic powered, 300 lb. capacity, 360° rotating head, 80-1/2″ max. lifting height


Part # CLHM-WDH-12

Wheel Dolly 1,200 lb. capacity, max. lifting height of 51″, air assisted hydraulic power system, flexible design works with super single and dual wheel assebmlies, combines for/aft and side to side tilt adjustments