Challenger CL4P9 Home Car Lift

Challenger Lifts’ 9,000 lbs. capacity CL4P9S, CL4P9X and CL4P9W 4-post home car lifts are perfect for light duty commercial service or storage applications. Challenger Lifts 9,000 lbs. 4 post lift and commercial service lift units give you unlimited options for your shop’s layout.

Another great feature of the CL4P9 series free standing 4 post lift is its portability. You can choose between bolting it down and leaving it free-standing so you can relocate it anywhere. If convenience is important to you, the free standing 4 post lift is a great option.

With optional rolling jacks, ramp upgrades, oil drain pan, etc., you’ll be able to accommodate just about anything that comes in the garage and afford room to grow with its reasonable cost.


CL4P9 home car lifts are available in black only.

ALI/ETL certified.


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To properly choose the right home garage lift, you need to be aware of factors like lift capacity, size dimensions, speed of rise and other specifications. In the table below, you can compare the specifications of the CL4P9 home car lifts from Challenger Lifts – the CL4P9X and the CL4P9W.



Lift Capacity

9,000 lbs. (4082kg)
A Length Overall
209-1/2″ (5321mm)
233-1/2″ (5931mm)
B Width Overall
112-1/4″ (2851mm)

127-1/4″ (3232mm)
C Inside Columns
95″ (2413mm)
95″ (2413mm)
110″ (2794mm)
D Length of Runways
164″ (4166mm)
188″ (4775mm) 188″ (4775mm)
E Height of Columns
84-1/2″ (2146mm)
96-1/2″ (2451mm)
F Height of Runways
7″ (178mm)
G Width of Runways
20″ (508mm)
H Width Between Runways
38″ (965mm)
I Rise Height
73-1/4″ (1861mm)
85-1/2″ (2172mm)
115v or 220V
Speed of Rise
120 seconds (115V)/60 seconds (220V)
Min. Recommended Bay Size
11′ x 22′ (3353mm x 6707mm)
11′ x 22′ (3353mm x 6707mm)
14′ x 22′ (4267mm x 6707mm)
Shipping Weight
1850 lbs. (839 kg)
1950 lbs. (885 kg)
2000 lbs. (907 kg)


1 Must be specified at time of order. Available in Black only.


Part # RJ4.5

4,500 lb. capacity hand pump rolling jack for free wheel access.


Part # CL4P9CS

Caster Set with hardware (set of 4) to make CL4P9 car lifts portable


Part # CL4P9DT

Drip Tray Set (set of 3) lip fills the void between runways, keeping any fluids from dripping on vehicles below.


Part # CL4P9ER

Aluminum Extended Ramps (set of 2) 50″ length for low profile vehicles.


Part # CL4P9JT

4,500 lb. capacity Jack Tray


Part # CL4P9SR

Steel Bolt-On Picoting Ramp (set of 2) for applications such as import car service, drive-thru lube bays, restoration or body shops where storage is not a concern.

Looking for the right accessories for your home garage lift? Challenger Lifts offers a variety of accessories for the CL4P9 home car lift, including a caster set with hardware, steel bolt-on pivoting ramp, aluminum extended ramp and more. Browse our selection of accessories below.