Mondolfo-ferro ADG G-112HP-1 Economy swing arm with SX1 Bead Depressor following arm

  • Classic swing arm design with star shaped turntable and 22″ outside clamping capability.
  • Left side mounted SX1 Bead Depressor following arm allows technician to easily depress bead and hold it in the drop center during the remount cycle with much less risk of finger damage.
  • Inflation jets built into the clamps for simple effective tire inflation. Vertical tower doubles as the surge tank reducing install space required.
  • Hexagonal mount demount shaft for superior rigidity and reduced flex distortion at extreme torque.
  • Right side mounted bi-directional bead breaker equipped with plastic protective cover insuring no metal to metal contact with rim.
  • Includes plastic jaw protectors, tire bar and lube container.
  • Standard water separator, oilier and pressure regulator.