Robinair 16009

DiscovR Refrigerant Identifier

The best defense against unknown refrigerant, and the risks associated with unknown refrigerant, is a refrigerant identifier. With the new Robinair 16009 DiscovR 134a refrigerant identifier you can:

  • Protect your A/C service equipment.
  • Know whether or not you have acceptable R134a refrigerant by using the DiscovR refrigerant identifier before servicing the vehicle.
  • Guard against costly recovery equipment repairs. Contaminated refrigerant can wreak havoc on any R134a recovery, recycle, and recharge machine. The average repair cost is $300, and in many cases contaminated refrigerant will void the product’s warranty. Shield your RRR machine from contaminated refrigerant by using the DiscovR refrigerant identifier before connecting to the vehicle.
  • Uncover hard-to-find air contamination. DiscovR refrigerant identifier notifies you when the system contains excessive air.
  • Fast and Accurate. “Pass” and “Fail” lights clearly show if refrigerant is pure enough to be recovered.

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Dimensions: 8.50in x 9.00in x 2.40in
  • Automotive
  • Electronic Test Instruments