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4 Benefits of Home Storage Lifts

home storage lifts

Home storage lifts are allow vehicle owners to gain more space and convenience with just one installation. Whether you’re looking for more storage or you’d like to find a safe way to service your car at home, home storage lifts are the answer. If you own a commercial shop, you probably have multiple lifts in… Read more »

R-1234yf New Refrigerant: What to Expect and How to Use it Safely


R-1234yf is the latest development in auto cooling systems. It’s being introduced gradually in cars sold in the U.S., first in the 2013 Cadillac XTS and ATS, then Chrysler’s Fiat, and many more models are now adopting this type of refrigerant versus the old version — R-134a. As an auto repair specialist, it’s important that… Read more »