ALI Hoist Inspections: Why They’re Essential to Business Success

ALI hoist inspections are an integral part of keeping your lifts functioning and safe. You need to know your lifts will work when you need them, without fail, and you must be certain you are in compliance with all safety guidelines required by law. Otherwise, you risk workplace injuries, fines and lawsuits.

ALI hoist inspections

What Is the ALI?

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) is a governing body that oversees North American lift manufacturer products. Their central mission is to encourage and support the design of auto industry hoist lifts, as well as regulate their installation, service and inspections.

The ALI offers a third-party certification for lifts that meet or exceed their standards, and they train and deploy technicians to implement their policies.

Why Is Certification Important?

Having third-party certification means regular ALI hoist inspections are necessary to ensure the lift remains in compliance with all standards.

The ALI partners with multiple organizations like Authorized Testing Laboratories, Intertek and more to conduct all mechanical and electrical evaluations. You can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the equipment you use every day is continually evaluated for high-quality performance.

What Are the Inspection Requirements for My Lift?

As a rule, ALI hoist inspections should take place at least once a year, or more often if local authorities mandate this requirement. For example, insurance companies, local health and safety departments or workers’ compensation policies may dictate that ALI hoist inspections take place more frequently throughout the year.

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We Adhere to ALI Guidelines

At Automotive Specialty Equipment, we aim to satisfy all ALI guidelines so our customers can have confidence that they are installing optimal equipment in their shop.

Do you have a question about ALI hoist inspections and whether your equipment is in compliance? Talk to us and get knowledge from industry professionals on how to repair, replace and re-certify your equipment.